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Feb 24th
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Multilateral Disarmament and Strengthen Non-proliferation

By courtesy of Dr.Hans Blix we publish this article that he presented in his last conference during the United Nations 2010 Forum organized by the United Nations Association for the United Kingdom. Dr.Blix analyzes the global nuclear agenda, the status of the regime based on the Non Proliferation Treaty, United States' policy, the challenges that Iran and North Korea arise and the role of the United Nations among other present and future subjects.


Overview of Nuclear Energy in Uruguay

Bandera de Uruguay

Álvaro Bermúdez, Member of the Presidential Multipartisan Advisor Commission presents an overview of the energetic situation of Uruguay and analizes de role and potentialities of nuclear energy as a future option for the country.


The Value of Confidence to Control Regional Proliferation Risks

Irma Argüello, President of NPSGlobal Foundation, analyzes the importance of trust when it comes to developing non-proliferation strategies. Using the historical example of nuclear relationships between Argentina and Brazil, she analyzes this experience of cooperation and trust-building materialized in the ABACC and the potential application of the "neighbor-to-neighbor" control model in other regions of the planet.


New START Verification

Observations regarding the new START made by Under-Secretary of the United States State Department Rose Gottemoeller before the United States Peace Institute.

The comments focus on the negotiations that lead to this new regime, and on the resemblances and differences with the old Treaty.


Visiting Professors at the Regional Postgraduate Course

During the last weeks, several visiting professors have shared their experiences with the students' group at the First Regional Postgraduate Course in Disarmament and Non-proliferation that is carried out at the NPSGlobal Foundation.



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12 Ago 2010, # 5
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Multilateral Disarmament and Strengthen Non-proliferation

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