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Mar 20th
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2008 GraduationWeapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation Seminar
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On Thursday December 4 at the EST - Escuela Superior Técnica, Buenos Aires, took place the graduation event of the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation Seminar 2008, with the attendance of the Deputy  Director of the Escuela Superior Técnica, Col Alejandro Luis Echazú and members of the NPSGlobal Foundation, which sponsors the activity.

This year the Seminar was delivered in two versions, during last September and October.

The activity, which is introductory and open to the community, has been successfully delivered during the past five years. Its main objective is to provide updated information and discuss issues concerning international security and non-proliferation from a multidisciplinary perspective, taking into account the interaction between factors.

In addition, it seeks to create awareness on key issues related to global security, and to spark vocations which power careers related to disarmament and nonproliferation, in public and private environments.

2008 groups included professionals from different fields of knowledge such as Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Law, Political Science, International Relations and History, coming from Argentina, Ukraine, Panama, Mexico, and Peru.  Participation also included personnel from the Armed and Security Forces.

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