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Mar 20th
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2009 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference - The Nuclear Order—Build or Break Print E-mail
6,7 April 2009, Washington.

On April 6 and 7 took place at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington DC, United States, the 2009 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference. The Conference, organized by Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, was entitled "The Nuclear Order—Build or Break".

The Conference attracted over 800 government officials, important members of the Obama Administration, former prime minister, current and former foreign ministers, ambassadors, policy and technical experts, academics, and journalists from around the world.

The 16 panels of the conference, with over 30 speakers, discussed the coming challenges of the non-proliferation, disarmament, nuclear industry, and offered recommendations to halt the spread of nuclear weapons and materials.

Some of the panels were: Innovating the Regime, Verification: Common Ground and Emerging Controversies, Challenges to Global Nuclear Power: Technological, Political, and Economic, The Future of the CTBT; Enforcing a World Without Nuclear Weapons, Beyond 2010.

Some of the most prominent speakers were: George Perkovich, Sidney Drell,Gareth Evans, Jonas Gahr Støre, William Potter, Alexei Arbatov, David Albright, Daryl Kimball, James Goodby, Sharon Squassoni, Pierre Goldschmidt, Rebecca Johnson, Patricia Lewis, Tibor Toth, United States Deputy Secretary of State James B. Steinberg, and Rose Gottemoeller, recently appointed as Assistant Secretary of State for Verification and Compliance, among others.

Irma Arguello attended the Conference on behalf of the NPSGlobal Foundation.

The conference also had the projection of the President of the United States speech in Prague and a statement by Barack Obama congratulating the conference attendees and organizers, and calling for further working in this important work.
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