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Mar 20th
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24 to 26 July 2008, Buenos Aires

Cnl.GuidoIng. Luis Roque ArgüelloIng. Luis Roque ArgüelloCnl. Guido

In Buenos Aires, from 24 to 26 June 2008, was held the Seminar "Energy Today and Tomorrow", organize by EST - Escuela Superior Técnica, UTN - Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, and sponsor by NPSGlobal.

The goals was to update participants knowledge on the current energetic situation and the technical, economical, and environmental aspects, as well as the future scenarios.

The seminar had the following presentations: 

*Energy: Global Picture 2008, Ing. Guillermo Martínez Funes (EST)

*Challenges of Nuclear Energy, Ing. Luis Roque Argüello, Director of the postgraduate course en "Disarmament and Nonproliferation" (EST)

*Electricity in Argentina, Ing. Mecánico Sabino Raúl Mastrángelo (UTN)

*Endogenous Energy of the Earth, Dr. Gabriel Paparo (UTN)

*The Hydrogen and the Energy that comes from, Dr. Héctor Fasoli (EST)

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