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First meeting of WIIS at the traditional Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires Print E-mail


September 23, 2009, Buenos Aires

On September 23 the first meeting of WIIS Argentina was held in the traditional Café Tortoni. WIIS Argentina is the local branch of Women In International Security.

The event counted with the participation of Virginia Gamba as special guest, who addressed an audience of both men and women.

In the opening remarks Irma Arguello, President of the NPSGlobal Foundation explained the goals and activities of WIIS around the world, “WIIS has a goal that goes beyond the gender issue and the inclusion of women in international security, (…) its main goal is to generate an inter-generational connection, jobs, mentoring and information on security. It doesn’t see the concept of security as something related to the political situation of the moment but with the goal of generating human security”.

The meeting continued with a debate amongst the attendees on what should be WIIS Argentina’s contributions to the community. On this topic, the participants agreed on the WIIS’s capacity to generate value for the people of the community. One of the goals will be to focus on the inclusion of college students in international security, to hold training and education activities and to expand the WIIS net towards other cities of the country.

On the second half of the meeting, Virginia Gamba analyzed the evolution of the concept of international security taking as reference her own personal view and experiences as a woman in international security.

After Dr. Gamba's presentation, Irma Arguello spoke of the importance of NGO’s as a plural space of expression in society as closing remarks.



*Photography by Kentaro Inoue 

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