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Mar 20th
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Irma Arguello From the NPSGlobal's Situation Room
Rio de Janeiro's Seminar 2009

It was a great time to test the upcoming NPT challenges

Right now, I could say that the goals we set when we began to think about an international "mega meeting" in Rio de Janeiro have been widely fulfilled. Since long time ago the NPSGlobal Foundation had wanted to bring the debate about Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation, and in particular, about the Future of the NPT, to a public environment in Latin American lands. And we did it!

We always considered such debate as essential because we have been working for a more proactive (and creative) role of Latin America in making possible a world where nuclear issues could be only connected to people's welfare (and not to sorrow or fear).

In this sense, the contribution of the region has been remarkable in the past. It is enough to recall the joint effort in the Sixties to set up the first nuclear weapons free zone in the world. But today's challenges seem to demand updated efforts (in qualilty and quantity). And we, at NPSGlobal believe that shared knowledge, debate, and cooperation are relevant on it.

You can find here all about the Seminar, including audios, transcripts and translations of all speeches, and pictures. In fact, you will be able to get from this website a pool of key concepts, which could be very useful for further elaborations regarding the 2010 RevCon. We hope all of this serve as food for thought concerning the upcoming NPT challenges. I wish you to enjoy all the information as I did!

There been many debates around the world about the Crisis of the Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation Regime, and the Future of the NPT, but several reasons make, in my view, this International Seminar so special.

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Program and Session Resources

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome and Opening Remarks

José Botafogo Gonçalves - CEBRI 
Mario Renato Borges Da Silva - Correios
Irma Arguello - NPSGlobal Foundation


Panel 1
The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime Facing the 2010 NPT Review

Irma Arguello - NPSGlobal Foundation

Rebecca Johnson - Acronym Institute, UK
Amb. Rolf Ekéus - SIPRI, Sweden
Amb. Sergio Gonzalez Gálvez - Mexico 
Joseph Cirincione - Ploughshares Fund, USA


Panel 2
Nuclear disarmament – From Statements to Facts

Peter Hakim, Inter - American Dialogue, USA 

Amb. B.S. Prakash - Ambassador of India to Brazil
Dingli Shen - Fudan University, China
Vladimir Orlov - PIR Center, Russia 
Rafael Grossi - Ministry of Foreign Relations, Argentina

Keynote Speaker

Perspectives for an increase in accountability and transparency through international mechanisms for nonproliferation

Ambassador Sérgio de Queiroz Duarte - High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, United Nations  


Panel 3
The Right of  Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Technology

Odair Dias Gonçalves

Olli Heinonen, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Safeguards
Camilo Reyes Rodríguez, University of Rosario, Colombia
Alfredo Labbé, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile
Odilon Marcuzzo do Canto, Brazilian Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials, ABACC


Friday, October 30, 2009

Panel 4
Impacts on Nonproliferation of Initiatives Involving Fissile Materials

Leonam dos Santos Guimarães - Eletronuclear, Brazil

Rolf Mützernich - Bundestag, Germany
Álvaro Bermúdez, Consultant, Uruguay
Yury Yudin, United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research, UNIDIR, Switzerland
Annalisa Giannella, Special Delegate of Nonproliferation, European Union, represented by Christian Burgsmüller, European Commission, Brazil (on behalf of Annalisa Giannella)

Panel 5
The future of the NPT. Should it be enhanced, changed, or replaced?

Gareth Evans - International Commission on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament-ICNND, Australia

Ramesh Thakur - Balsillie School of International Affairs, Canada
Pierre Goldschmidt - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Belgium
Gustavo Ainchil - Ministry of Foreign Relations, Argentina


Keynote Speaker

The future of the NPT: A vision for Strengthening and Success

Susan Burk, Special Representative of the U.S. President Barack Obama for Nuclear Non- proliferation Affairs

 Closing Remarks

Marcos de Azambuja, CEBRI
Marta Planisi, NPSGlobal Foundation



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