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Apr 19th
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irma2014smallFrom the Situation Room

International Seminar

Nuclear Challenges in the 2015 Global Security Agenda

In this opportunity, perhaps more than ever before, we had the chance to bring to Buenos Aires, an International Seminar on nuclear affairs with a quality and depth, similar to those offered in the most important capitals in the world. The appointment took place last November.

It was a hard effort which turned out very rewarding if we guide for the reactions of the audience and the media. The subsequent debates of the key subjects of international concern, in all cases addressed by leading international experts and practitioners was timely accompanied by others about matters of extreme interest for the Latin American and the Caribbean environment.

As its known the LALN and the NPSGlobal Foundation strongly promote that our countries can play an essential role in the global efforts to reduce all kinds of risks to international security and, in particular, of nuclear risks. It should be done by integrating the region to the top level discussions and actions about how to cope with such dangers. 

Thus, we will continue with the tradition of organizing great international events throughout the region. This tradition was successfully started in 2009 in Rio de Janeiro, and we are working to have many more of these useful events in the future.

Current 2015 and 2016 will be very important years in nuclear terms. Next April as every five years, the Non-proliferation Treaty on Nuclear Weapons - NPT will be reviewed in New York, in the middle of an increasing global conflictivity. The Nuclear Security Summit will take place early the following year. In this sense, we hope that this event could make a relevant contribution to clarify the current global situation and its emerging dangers, the challenges which the international community will face and as well as its potential evolution.

We are publishing here now materials which could be useful for that purpose, such as videos and written transcrips of panels and keynote speeches

More than 300 participants from governments, armed forces, political parties, universities, NGOs and media around the world,   have benefited in person with such high quality debates, to which also attended the plenary of LALN members and participants to the World Leadership Forum from all the continents.

Now you can take advantage of all this information online.  

Finally on behalf of both organizing partners, I want to make a very special mention to the excellent 21 panelists from 11 nations whose contribution was essential to make of the International Seminar an unforgettable event.

Irma Arguello


Welcome and opening remarks

Irma Argüello, Chair of the Non-Proliferation for Global Security Foundation, and Head of the Secretariat of the Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network - LALN

Panel 1: The international security context and the increase in nuclear risks


Rafael Mariano Grossi, Argentine Ambassador to Austria, Permanent Representative to the International Organizations based in Vienna and President of the Nuclear Suppliers Group


  • Rolf Ekéus, Chairman emeritus of the Board of the SIPRI, member of the European Leadership Network - ELN,  Sweden
  • Jorge Castro, Analyst of International Policy, Argentina
  • Ramesh Thakur, Director of the Centre for Non-proliferation and Nuclear DIsarmament- CNND, Crawford School, Australian National University

Panel 2: The present and future of international efforts for nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation


Gareth Evans, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia. Convenor of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network - APLN.


  • Roberto García Moritán, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Argentina
  • Hannu Kyröläinen, Deputy Facilitator of the NPT for the Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone, Finland.
  • Sérgio Duarte, former High Representative of the United Nations for Disarmament, member of the Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network - LALN, Brazil
  • Alexander Kmentt, Director for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs of Austria, in charge of the organization of the Third Conference on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons in Vienna (video)

Keynote Speech

Des Browne, Member of the British Parliament, Vice Chair of the Nuclear Threat Initiative - NTI. Convenor of the European Leadership Network - ELN

Panel 3: Nuclear security – Strategies for prevention of nuclear terrorism and illicit trafficking of nuclear materials and technology


Joan Rohlfing, President of Nuclear Threat Initiative - NTI, United States


  • Ian Kearns, Director of European Leadership Network – United Kingdom
  • Rhonda Evans, Nuclear Security Division, International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA, Australia
  • Gustavo Ainchil, Director of the General Bureau of International Security, Nuclear and Space Affairs - DIGAN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina


Julio María Sanguinetti, former President of Uruguay and member of the Presidential Committee of the Latin American Leadership Network - LALN

Panel 4: The essential contribution of Latin America and the Caribbean


Ricardo López Murphy, former Minister of Defense of Argentina, member of the LALN


  • Sergio González Gálvez, Ambassador Emeritus, advisor to the Mexican government, member of the LALN
  • Camilo Reyes, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, advisor to the government of Colombia, member of the LALN
  • Ronaldo Sardenberg, former Minister of Science and Technology of Brazil, member of the LALN
  • Andrés Cisneros, former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Argentina
  • Horacio Jaunarena, former Minister of Defense of Argentina, member of the LALN

Closing remarks

Marta Planisi, Member of the Board of the NPSGlobal Foundation



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