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Mar 23rd
Home News Nuclear Energy Brazilian nuclear submarine reactor scheduled by 2014
Brazilian nuclear submarine reactor scheduled by 2014
Wilson Gonçalves Júnior for Cruzeiro do Sul Jornal, with comments by NPSGlobal, 5 Jul 2009. Design of the Labgene reactor

 The Aramar Experimental Center (CEA) located in Iperó, belonging to the Navy of Brazil, will generate 400 new vacancies in engineering in order to continue with the project for the fist Brazilian nuclear submarine reactor prototype, know as Labgene, said the Cruzeiro do Sul journal.

According to the source, the vacancies would be taken by public tender, although the date was not revealed yet by the Navy. Two hundred jobs would be created for the project related activities and the other half for activities as construction and operation of facilities.

The project is scheduled to be completed by 2014, and then immediately beginning with the necessary operational testing.

According to the Brazilian Navy website, currently around of 271 military personnel and 1,025 civilian are working in Aramar. The same institution expresses that with the reactivation of the development of the first Brazilian nuclear propulsion submarine was a significant increase in the activities already planned in the Navy Nuclear program (PNM, by the Portuguese acronym).
Model of the Brazilian nuclear submarine, Brazilian Navy
For the project’s dual nature, Labgene is a ground prototype of the naval propulsion system, according to sources, that will be re-adapted to the nuclear submarine. According to the newspaper, Labgene will serve as a facility and laboratory for any other nuclear reactor project in Brazil.

The reactor under development will have a power of around 11 electric megawatts (MWe), enough to illuminate a city of, approximately, 20 thousand residents. In this sense, according to the sources, the facility is being design and build within the rules and procedures required by the National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN, by the Portuguese acronym), the Brazilian supervisory body that states the rules and licenses of all the country's nuclear installations.

Among others activities, the Aramar Center, in charge for the implementation of Labgene, is enriching uranium in a laboratory-scale since the ‘80 to meet the needs of the Navy Nuclear Program.