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Apr 21st
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Sensitive Materials
Sensitive MaterialsList news on developments in materials, programs, and key technologies to manufacture nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their delivery systems. In addition, their possible dual uses.

Aslo includes news on technologies, facilities, and commercial initiatives related to enrichment and reprocessing, the global status of HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) and plutonium stocks, and the international efforts to reduce them. In addition, information related to precursors of chemical weapons, materials, equipment and technologies likely to lead to the production of biological agents, and materials of application in missile programs.

The specific items related to the weapons and their delievery systems are listed in their related categories, Nuclear & Radiological , Chem & Bio Weapons, and Delivery Systems , and those relatied to the international control, in the Global Security and Strategic Trade categories.

To complete your search you might want to browse the Nuclear Energy category.

More information and research papers on these subjects can be found in our Analysis section.
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1 Japanese columnist says Washington may soon force Japan to accept traditional safeguards
2 Nuclear Security Experts: Moderate Progress at The Hague Security Summit
3 Japan Failed to Report 640 kg of Nuclear Fuel to IAEA
4 Canada's Fission Uranium agrees to buy Alpha Minerals
5 Contract to Complete MWS Uranium Plant
6 Appeals Court Shoots Down Obama Administration's Yucca Delays
7 Syrian Uranium Worrying Nations, IAEA
8 Merkel confirms Germany won't export nuclear waste
9 Government denies that the seized material in Bolivia is uranium
10 Japan Atomic Energy Commission’s Subcommittee Evaluates Three Policy Options for Recycling Spent Nuclear Fuel
11 New Laser Technology Stirs Nuclear Bomb Proliferation Fears
12 Additional Nations Expected to Vow to Eradicate Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium Stocks
13 U.K. Plans Subterranean Plutonium Storage Site
14 Continued growth in uranium production
15 IAEA Sees Nuclear Security Improvements
16 Work to Secure Radioactive Soil Continues in Kazakhstan, Cable Reveals
17 Fresh HEU fuel removed from Ukraine
18 Former Soviet States Flush with "Dirty Bomb" Materials
19 Iran Picks Site for New Enrichment Facility
20 Iran picks sites for 10 uranium enrichment plants
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