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Apr 19th
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Chem & Bio Weapons
Chem & Bio Weapons Updated information on developments, declared and covert programs, stocks and employment in any field. It also includes threats, international efforts towards the prohibition and destruction of chemical and biological weapons and the role specific of multilateral organizations.

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1 OPCW says Syria has no margin for delays in destruction of chemical weapons
2 France sees 14 uses of chemical weapons in Syria in recent weeks
3 Syria to miss deadline for eliminating all of its chemical weapons and production facilities
4 Effort to Dispose of Syrian Chemical Weapons Faces Delays and Challenges
5 U.K. Agrees to Destroy 150 tons of Chemicals from Syria’s Chemical Weapons Stockpile
6 OPCW says Syrian Chemical Weapons to be Destroyed by mid-2014
7 Denmark Offers to Help Dismantle Syrian Chemical Arsenal
8 The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons awarded the Nobel prize for Peace
9 UN team shot at during Syria gas attack probe
10 UN says accord reached on Syria chemical arms
11 Suspicion Grows over Syria Chemical Weapons
12 Construction Complete at Pueblo Chemical Arms Disposal Facility
13 Britain and US fear Syrian chemical weapons could fall into the hands of extreme Islamist groups
14 Russia confident Syria will not use chemical weapons
15 Is Biosecurity the Low-Hanging Fruit?
16 Biological Weapons Convention Conference Issues Final Document
17 Turkish Military Rejects Kurdish Charge of Chemical Weapons Use
18 Russia Developing Infection-'Neutralization' System
19 Chemical Arms Team to Begin Talks With Syria
20 North Korea Expanding WMD Production Capabilities: South Lawmaker
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