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Mar 20th
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The Nonproliferation for Global Security Foundation – NPSGlobal  is a private, non-profit institution with a recognized legal status, committed to help reduce risks derived from proliferation and use of arms, with special emphasis on weapons of mass destruction - nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological and ones that may rise in the future - and also, to building up adequate and opportune responses, in order to increase global security.

NPSGlobal seeks to promote awareness of the importance of such threats in governments, organizations and the public of different countries, and simultaneously to provide an enabling environment to develop ideas and positive influences, favoring prevention and response actions.

Our Foundation, through the support that provides to individuals and entities in different countries, aims at becoming an innovative source of strategies and proposals in order to improve the decision making processes concerning these key issues.

Our Vision

A World Free of Weapon of Mass Destruction, as goal not easy but achievable through consecutive steps and actions, able to increase confidence within the international community.

Our Principles

In the complex world where we live, the concept of mass destruction covers a wide range of effects and therefore goes beyond the number of human lives involved. This fact significantly raises the quantity and quality of threats to global security. That is why we believe that disarmament and nonproliferation should be a priority for every nation, and a common goal of the global community.

Considering these multiple threats related to dissemination and use of weapons of mass destruction, we think that states should define their strategies and make their decisions in terms of prevention -to reduce the risk of undesired events-, and of an adequate response, to minimize their potential negative impacts.

We also think that cooperation and coordination of actions among countries are keys to face the challenge of nonproliferation and disarmament. It is truly possible to fulfill these goals without affecting sovereign rights, and peaceful technological development of each country as well, if decisions are made wisely and with a creative mindset.

We consider that disarmament and nonproliferation are not an exclusive problem of governments, but should also become a commitment of individuals and societies. In this commitment, the Nonproliferation for Global Security Foundation identifies its reason of being.

We believe in plurality of views, multidisciplinary approaches, and teamwork, as main sources of ideas and proposals to help achieve global security goals.

We recognize knowledge and understanding are necessary steps for right decision making.


Our charter rescues our vision and our principles with the following words:

"Proposing, promoting and developing strategies and actions to identify and reduce national and global security risks derived from the proliferation and use of armaments, conventional or not, in all present forms, and ones that may rise in the future, with special emphasis on the weapons and/ or methods of mass destruction. Likewise, proposing, promoting and developing strategies and actions of response to such threats, at nation and global levels."

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Actions with a Global Scope

Spanish and Portuguese Speaking World We guide our actions in order to have global reach, while we recognize the particularities of different nations. Our primary focus is on the world regions where people speak Spanish and Portuguese, those regions have a population of over 600 million people in 25 countries where these languages are official language and in the United States, where about 13 % of the population speaks Spanish as their first language.