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Oct 19th
Irma Arguello Print E-mail

Irma Arguello is committed to public service as the Founder and Chair of the NPSGlobal Foundation (Non-proliferation for Global Security), oriented to help reduce risks to global security.

She is working now on creating links among different international fields to carry forward the ideas that inspired the organization, specially the vision of a more secure world, without Weapons of Mass Destruction. In this sense, she lead the Foundation to the development and design of several strategies, proposals and actions devoted to fulfill its institutional objectives. Under her pioneer leadership, the NPSGlobal Foundation became a non-governmental voice in this field, from Latin America to the world.

Irma completed Defense and Security studies (Master level) at the Escuela de Defensa Nacional, Argentina. Her education also includes a Master degree in Business Administration from IDEA/Wharton School, and a degree in Physics Science from the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

She has got a broad knowledge of nuclear issues. After her graduation, she worked as a scientist at the CNEA (National Atomic Energy Commission of Argentina) for the LPR (Laboratory of Radio-chemical Processes Project) and worked on the design of a the Argentine reprocessing plant located in Ezeiza, outside Buenos Aires City.

She developed then a managerial career in and the Latin American Petrochemical Association and in ExxonMobil Corporation, where she held several international positions. After she left ExxonMobil in 2000, she became a consultant with focus on strategic planning, organizational design, change management and communications.

She is currently the Head of the Secretariat of the LALN (Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network for Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation) which congregates high-level former state-persons and leaders in the region to propose measures to reduce global/regional nuclear risks (follow link above to know about the current members). In past November she organized, together with the Conveners of similar organizations worldwide, such as the European Leadership Network, the Asia Pacific leadership Network and the US Nuclear Threat Initiative a plenary of Leadership Networks in Singapore to debate concrete measures in favor of nuclear arms control and of progressive disarmament.

She is also a member of the Steering Committee of Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG), a non-governmental coalition of over 70 organizations from around the world which are committed to improving fissile material security through the development of actionable policy proposals and advocacy for government adoption and implementation of adequate policies. The FMWG has been a forceful presence in support of improved fissile material security and the prevention of nuclear terrorism.

She has been a promoter of the non-governmental participation in the international processes where improvements to global security are discussed. In this sense it has been remarkable her action as expert relating to the Nuclear Security Summit political process, of which she has been a part from the very beginning. She successively was a speaker at the Next Generation Nuclear Security: Meeting the Global Challenge, Washington DC April 2010 and at the Conference on 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit. Lately, she participated as a Session Chair at the Nuclear Knowledge Summit, the international experts’ event on the side of the Netherlands Nuclear Security Summit, in March 2014.

She is also a member of the Nuclear Security Governance Expert Group -integrated by globally diverse experts devoted to propose improvements in the global nuclear security regime.

She is affiliated to Chatham House as an Associate Fellow (working on humanitarian approaches to nuclear disarmament and on cyber security) and a member of the Russian PIR Center International Expert Group.

She has recently invited to join the World Economic Forum’s Council in Nuclear Security. This Council is a part of network which focuses on specific issues and cross-cutting themes, supporting the Forum to better understand and catalyze global, regional and industry transformation.

As a part of her academic activities, she is currently the Director of the Regional Postgraduate Course in International Security, Disarmament and Non-proliferation, organized by the NPSGlobal Foundation. This course has been the first of its kind worldwide, delivered in Spanish/Portuguese.

Irma is usually appointed to speak before different audiences and has written many articles, papers and Op-Eds relating to her fields of expertise.

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