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Feb 20th
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The Foundation focuses its energy and capabilities on diffusion, education, and technical assistance. It also gives support to governments, national, and international organizations concerning decision making processes related to critical security issues. Significant efforts are placed upon promotion and encouragement of research projects.

The NPSGlobal's action is organized within a five programs' framework. Programs have been designed to meet previously identified needs:

Knowledge without Boundaries Print E-mail

Knowledge without Boundaries 

The goal is to increase the access to key information, surpassing all kinds of barriers, to promote the debate, and to raise awareness and commitment throughout communities, about threats related to the proliferation and use of weapons of mass destruction, by states or non-state actors.

In addition, to influence policy and decision makers, entities, and public about the huge costs derived from the lack of planning and action, concerning risk reduction efforts, and preparedness for an opportune and adequate response, if required.

Education for Prevention and Response Print E-mail

Education for Prevention and Response
Implementation of control regimes and general nonproliferation commitments, an issue of big relevance to every nation requires highly trained human capital. Governments should be prepared to cope with threats derived from potential use of WMD. Finally, it is clear the importance of educated societies concerning the overall global and local risk reduction. All these aspects involve people –government and privates- playing different roles.

In this sense, the purpose of the program is to help develop awareness, specific skills, an integrated view on the matter, and a prevention and response mindset.

Proposals for Action Print E-mail
Proposals for Action
Has to do with creating a space for research and knowledge growth, based on applicability criteria. It implies going from analysis to concrete proposals for action. The goal is to research what matters and therefore what could be able to affect policy making.
Support for Decision Making Print E-mail
Support for Decision Making
Adequate public policies and plans are usually based on a solid technical background, and a broad strategic thinking. That is the reason why think tanks and expert teams are often appointed to advice policymakers.

As a response to our countries’ needs, NPSGlobal Foundation will make available its expertise to provide advice and technical/political assistance about all the dimensions of arms control and nonproliferation.
Networks of International Cooperation Print E-mail


Networks The goal is to promote interchanges and common actions with institutions with similar or complementary objectives worldwide. The purpose is to establish long-term relationships based on trust:


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