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Mar 20th
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Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nonproliferation Seminar

Offered in two sessions of 8 classes each, morning or evening attendance. 

An introductory activity which combines theory and practical aspects. Touches multiple dimensions and key specific issues about Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological and their delivery systems).

The Seminar covers a technical description of the different weapons and their effects, their role within the global threats' framework (potential use by states and terrorism), the efforts of the international community aimed at disarmament and nonproliferation, and the description of main control regimes.

In addition, the activity emphasizes the study of the Latin American situation.

It also includes analysis of scenarios, incidents with WMD, and strategies of prevention and response.


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Irma Arguello
Graduated from School of National Defense, MBA IDEA - Warthon and has a Degree in Physics.

Luis Roque Arguello
Graduated from the EST, the Balseiro Institute and from the Georgia Institute of Technology.