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Feb 20th
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Global Security OnlineThis trilingual (English - Spanish – Portuguese) online information service has been developed to supply accurate and real time information about disarmament and non-proliferation issues.

It contribute to build up an adequate basis of knowledge, valuable for planning and decision making, and to increase awareness in communities about the threats related to proliferation and terrorism with weapons of mass destruction. The focus is placed on policy and decision makers from government agencies and multilateral organizations, their advisors, scientists and academics, and individuals from social organizations, media, and public, as well.

Global Security Online comes to fill up a critical gap detected concerning availability, accuracy, opportunity, continuity, and simplicity of access to key disarmament and nonproliferation knowledge. Based on the idea that the first step towards the more appropriate decision depends on handling high quality information, we hope to put this concept in practice in order to avoid that poor knowledge turns out an obstacle to wise decisions.

This service has been conceived as a “two-way” one; therefore it will also provide organizations worldwide quality information translated into English, from Spanish and Portuguese speaking sources.

Global Security Online offers also the possibility of being a part of a distribution list, in order to receive news, and periodical updates about relevant topics.

In addition, a line of expert assistance and orientation will has been setup for registered users, plus a premium service of tailor made consultancy. In a near future we plan to add a forum to encourage the debate on critical issues.

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