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Mar 20th
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6 June, 2008 

The NPSGlobal Foundation has signed with the IESE - Instituto de Enseñanza Superior del Ejército, institution under the Ministry of Defense of Argentina, a set of agreements focused on promoting the development of joint activities related to disarmament and nonproliferation.

It is focused on the organization and implementation of courses and seminars, and the supply of technical assistance on issues of common interest.

These agreements constitute the framework of joint effort where the Postgraduate Course in Disarmament and Nonproliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, to be launched in 2009, has been designed and submitted for accreditation.

To put into practice the idea, NPSGlobal will provide its experience and international contacts, to achieve a high academic quality on the future activities.

The Foundation is working on to make possible the participation of high level foreign visiting professors and experts in disarmament and nonproliferation.

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