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Mar 20th
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Statement on the CTBT to thePrepCom 2009 Print E-mail

6 May, 2009

On Tuesday May 5 the NPSGlobal Foundation participate on a joint statement on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty - CTBT to the Preparatory Committee for the 2010 Review Conference for the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The declaration, presented at the second day of meetings, endorse the great significance of the CTBT as a key part of the Disarmament and Nonproliferation regime. It also makes a call to the signatory states to develop a common diplomatic strategy to persuade the remaining states to sign and/or ratify the treaty, so that it will be able to enter into force.

Of the 44 States required for entry into force, six States have not ratified the Treaty yet, they are China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, and the United States; and tree have not signed, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, India, and Pakistan.

In addition, it urge all Nuclear Weapons States to stop the desing and production or development of new nuclear weapons, and to consider closing all the facilities for research and testing of nuclear weapons.

The declaration was coordinated by Arms Control Association and endorsed by NGOs around the world, among them: NPSGlobal Foundation, Campaign for a Nuclear Free World, Stimson Center, Global Security Institute, Union of Concerned Scientist, Acronym Institute, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, WILPF, Monterey institute of International studies.

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