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Mar 20th
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NPSGlobal Foundation joins PIR Center Advisory Board as corporate member. We now present the official release from the PIR Center

Nonproliferation for Global Security Foundation (NPSGlobal) represents a nongovernmental sector of Latin America. The Foundation work provides research, education and consultancy in the area of international security, specifically nuclear nonproliferation. Irma Arguello is Founder and Chairman of the Foundation.

In its activities NPSGlobal orients on the Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions. By doing so, it intends to increase level of awareness of society and to draw attention to the current situation in the field of International security. The Foundation has a huge information database on the issues of nonproliferation and disarmament. The Foundation also administers programs of postgraduate and additional education.

Partnership of the PIR Center and the NPSGlobal, which has already been shaped during the implementation of the “Ways Toward Nuclear Disarmament” Project and Nuclear Security Project under the auspicies of NTI, is developing further. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the experts of Russia and Argentina representing two continents will contribute to a more effective solution of pressing international problems, a more complete implementation of cooperation between Russia and Argentina, especially in the filed of nuclear energy.

Advisory Board of the PIR Center (which besides NPSGlobal Foundation has also included OSCE Academy in Bishkek and International Affairs journal to the board) brings together 52 individual and 10 corporate members - the leading Russian and international experts, governmental officials and business organizations, spokesmen for the interests of different countries, regions, continents, united by common idea - to promote a more stable, safer world. Advisory Board consists of the representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ireland, China, etc. Such a diverse and representative, Advisory Board allows PIR Center to keep abreast of the most significant developments on international security and to present exclusive views, comments, assessments of Board members, to respond to them in a timely manner.

Members of the Advisory Board are actively involved in various projects of the PIR Center, providing advisory support for their implementation. At the traditional meeting of the Board a wide range of issues, including nuclear nonproliferation, energy security, prospects for the nuclear industry, as well as a range of other top-priority issues, are discussed “An increasing outreach of the Advisory Board's membership, which now includes new corporative members from Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Argentina, reflects a trend in PIR Center's international activity to expand the scope of our projects not only thematically but also geographicooperation, we add Latin America. In 2011, it will be turn of South East Asia” noted Vladimir Orlov, Chairman of the PIR Center.

For more information: PIR Center

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