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Feb 24th
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International Organizations

Here you will find web links to sites from international organizations, world, regional or bilateral. The category also includes organizations where states have an official representation. All links have been added taking into account their relevance. 

The ones that have been tagged with "E" are links to sites in English, the ones that have been tagged as "S" are links to sites in Spanish, and the ones tagged as "P" are sites in Portuguese.

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1   Link   ABACC - Brazilian-Argentine Agency for Accounting and Control of Nuclear Materials (E)
2   Link   AG - Australia Group (E)
3   Link   ARCAL - Acuerdo Regional de Cooperación para la Promoción de la Ciencia y Tecnología Nucleares en América Latina y el Caribe (S)
4   Link   ASEAN - Association of Southeast Asian Nations (E)
5   Link   AU - African Union (E)
6   Link   CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States (E)
7   Link   CTBTO PrepCom - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization Preparatory Committee (E)
8   Link   ECLA - Economic Commission for Latin America (E)
9   Link   EU - European Union (E)
10   Link   EURATOM (E)
11   Link   IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency (E)
12   Link   KEDO - Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (E)
13   Link   MTCR - Missile Technology Control Regime (E)
14   Link   NATO PA - North Atlantic Parliamentary Assembly (E)
15   Link   NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (E)
16   Link   NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency (E)
17   Link   NSG - Nuclear Suppliers Group (E)
18   Link   Non-Aligned Movement (E)
19   Link   OAS - Organization of American States (E)
20   Link   OPANAL - Agency for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean (E)
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